ТРИЗ в бизнес-анализе

Теория решения изобретательских задач как инструмент для бизнес-анализа

Записи по тегу "Инновационный менеджмент"


TRIZ and Innovation Asset Management: A New Dimension for Enterprise Strategy


The paper presents a new approach to rising innovative capital of an organisation. We introduce a so-called Innovation Asset Management (IAM) framework, which defines a background for deployment of an IT solution for managing innovation assets of organizations.

We begin with a brief description of what constitutes an intellectual capital of an enterprise and define a place and a role of innovation assets within the context of intellectual capital. We also outline that know-how management has been considered as much more difficult challenge than management of traditional (protected) assets, such as patents or trademarks.
In the next section of the paper, we summarize objectives why organizations should seriously consider improvement…

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